Root Canals in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase Root Canal Therapy

 If you are located  in Chevy Chase or Gaithersburg and are suffering from a toothache, you may need root canal therapy from Dr. Morrison to restore your smile. To learn more about this procedure or schedule your appointment, contact Morrison Cosmetic & General Dentistry today.

root canal in Chevy Chase

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are the best way to get relief from the pain of a toothache caused by an infected tooth
A root canal allows you to save your tooth and prevents further oral health complications caused by tooth loss
Treating an infected tooth with a root canal saves you time and money compared to extracting and replacing your tooth
Dr. Morrison is skilled and experienced with precise, gentle root canal therapy

What Are the Signs That I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are used to treat infected teeth. The most common signs of an infected tooth include a serious toothache that won’t go away, discoloration of the tooth and surrounding gum tissue, swelling and inflammation, and increased sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure. If you notice these or similar symptoms, come in for an appointment right away.

What Can I Expect From the Root Canal Process?

At your appointment, Dr. Morrison will begin by numbing your mouth, cleaning your teeth and separating your infected tooth from the rest of your mouth with a rubber dental dam. Once your mouth is numb, he will remove damaged and decayed enamel from your tooth from the inside of your tooth.

Next, Dr. Morrison will flush the tooth with disinfectant, and fill it with a rubber-like substance to provide the tooth with structure. Finally, your tooth will be completed with a temporary filling or crown. You’ll usually need to come back for a permanent dental restoration.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Despite what you may have heard, root canals are only about as invasive as dental fillings. Your mouth will be numbed and you won’t feel a thing during your treatment. You can rest easy at Morrison Cosmetic & General Dentistry, knowing you will be receiving the most effective, most comfortable care possible.

How Long Is the Root Canal Healing process?

The healing process for root canals is quite quick. You can get back to your normal, day-to-day life immediately after your root canal therapy is complete. You may notice some pain and soreness around your tooth for a few days after your treatment, but this should subside quite quickly. Any slight discomfort can be mitigated with over the counter pain medications and applying ice packs externally.

However, if you still are experiencing a lot of pain up to a week after your treatment, you should come to see Dr. Morrison for a follow-up right away. This may indicate that the infection was not completely removed during your initial treatment.

Will I Need Follow-Up Treatments After My Root Canal?

If you have a posterior tooth (molar or premolar) treated, you will likely need to come back in a few weeks for a custom dental crown. Your crown will help protect the tooth from the stress of biting and chewing, which is quite high in the rear teeth. For anterior (front) teeth, Dr. Morrison will discuss the ideal permanent restoration with you at your visit. Dr. Morrison will discuss what to expect from your follow-up appointment with you at the end of your root canal procedure.

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