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Chevy Chase Whole Health Care

At our dental offices in Gaithersburg and Chevy Chase, Dr. Morrison emphasizes whole health care. The health of your mouth affects the health of your entire body, and vice versa. With our comprehensive cleanings and treatments like Curodont, our team will help keep your mouth and body healthy. Contact us today to schedule your next check-up at our office and stay on top of your dental and overall health.

holistic dentist in Chevy Chase

The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

We focus on a conservative, preventative approach to dentistry to keep your mouth and body healthy
Our team of highly-qualified hygienists will clean your mouth and ensure your smile looks beautiful and bright
We combine routine cleanings and oral exams with a proactive, informative, and educational approach to dentistry
Dr. Morrison takes your dental health seriously, and will provide you with tips for at-home care to keep your smile healthy

What Is Rubber Dam Isolation?

Rubber dam isolation refers to the use of dental dams during procedures like placing fillings and crowns, and treating teeth with root canal therapy. These rubber dams help prevent the spread of decayed and infected tooth material to ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible during and after treatment.

While many dentists skip the use of dental dams due to monetary costs and the fact that it’s more difficult to work around a dental dam, Dr. Morrison does not. Our goal is to provide superior care at Morrison Cosmetic Dentistry. That’s why we use rubber dams during every treatment where there is a risk of spreading blood-borne pathogens and infected material. We take your health seriously at our office, and our use of rubber dam isolation is proof of this.

What Is Curodont Remineralization?

Curodont is a unique, fluoride-based treatment which can help restore teeth that have been affected by minor decay. Oral bacteria produce acid when they consume food particles in our mouths. This acid, in turn, causes the “demineralization” of our enamel. As our enamel loses minerals like calcium and phosphates, it weakens. This causes “soft spots” which are the first stage of tooth decay.

Curodont remineralization uses fluoride to attract minerals back to your tooth, and remineralize the affected area. It can be applied in just a few minutes after your teeth cleaning, and it reverses the effects of minor tooth decay. This prevents cavity formation, and keeps your teeth healthy.

What Can I Expect From My Hygiene & Oral Exam Appointment?

First, one of our dental hygienists will perform a quick examination of your mouth. Then, they will begin cleaning your mouth by scraping away plaque and tartar from your teeth. Once this process is finished, your hygienist will gently floss your teeth and finish your cleaning by polishing your teeth with a high-powered brush. X-rays may also be taken, if necessary.

Once your cleaning is complete, Dr. Morrison will take a look at your dental x-rays and further examine your mouth to look for signs of issues like cavities, tooth decay, and oral cancer. He will discuss his findings with you, and provide you with tips for at-home care to keep your mouth healthy.

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