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Recent Patient Reviews

"The whole experience has been great so far. Thank you Dr. Morrison for your patient and attentive care, I appreciate all of the full explanations and looking forward to come back and have more work done soon."

Ben S.

"I am very thankful to have found a family dentist that is not only amazingly detail oriented and highly skilled. He is passionate about the well-being, overall health and comfort of his patients. The staff under Dr. Morrison's guidance treat everyone as an extension of their family ensuring they are properly educated on the procedures they're performing along with how to maintain home care effectiveness & efficency. I am very grateful to have found this practice and team. If not for them the health and well being of my teeth (oral care) would have continued down the wrong path. Thank you for all that you have done at this point and will continue to do in the future for myself and the many families you care for."

Larry A.

"Dr. Morrison is a 10 star dentist. He is never in a rush. His work is superb. "A work of art" is how one dentist looking at my teeth described it. And another: "There are dentists, and then there are dentists. He has the training and the experience, but he also has the gift." And it is not just his amazing dentistry. His kindness, his sincerity, his concern for your teeth over the long haul, and then there is, of course, his wonderful staff. Like family!"

Janis C.

"I would recommend Dr. Morrison to anyone I know. Not only does he do impeccable work, but he also has a great chair-side manner. Whether it is as simple as a cleaning or as complicated as a root canal, he explains everything that he is doing before, during and after the procedure. I trust him completely."

Eric, We can't thank you enough for taking care of our Sophia. Her tooth looks perfect! You and your family have been such a blessing to us. If there is anything at all we can do for you all, don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks Again and God Bless!


I thank you, Dr. Eric, for your healing work for my better health. Please give my thanks to Stacey. It’s always great to spend the day at your office in such good company.

Father Brice

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Eric Morrison to anyone who is seeking superior dental care. Dr. Morrison is not only meticulous in his practice of state-of-the-art dentistry and a perfectionist concerning esthetics, but he is also attuned to his patient’s sensing of all dental work performed. I am not able to discern any visual or tactile difference between my own teeth and any of the restorations Dr. Morrison has provided.

Alison F.

I am writing to describe the extraordinary dental care that I have received from Dr. Morrison during the twelve years that I have been his patient. When I first was referred to Dr. Morrison at the age of 45, I had ground many of my teeth down so badly that, in most cases, they needed to have crowns installed. This was true for both my upper and lower teeth in both in front, back and sides. Completion of all of this work took many visits over close to 5-6 years.

The final results are more than completely satisfactory. I have never had any pain associated with a completed crown, except in the one case in which the crowned tooth required a root canal. Very occasionally I would manage to dislodge a crown, at which time Dr. Morrison would promptly fit me in to reattach it. Based on the stories I have heard over the years from friends and colleagues of their experiences in having similar dental work performed, I would have to say that I have had exceptional dental care that was performed with incredible skill.

One other very important thing that you should realize about the competence, skills, and patience of Dr. Morrison is that he did all of this work on one of the worst dental patients that it is possible to find. I have a huge gag reflex and have a very difficult time dealing with anything that goes in the back of my mouth, saliva dams and worst of all, having the required impressions performed for the proper construction of all of these crowns. How Dr. Morrison and his assistants had the skills and patience to put up with me I will never know. All I can tell you is that I am very indebted to them.

One last quality about Dr. Morrison that you should be aware of is that he devotes his time, skills, and resources in helping impoverished people in Latin America receive very much needed dental care that they would not otherwise have been able to obtain. This is just another reason why this person is very special.

In conclusion, I would not, and have not, ever hesitated to recommend Dr. Morrison to anyone who was looking for the finest in dental care.

Bill B.

I am delighted to be able to give you this testimonial letter about your service. Initially, I was a patient of your father and began being treated by you when you joined his practice. Right from the start, your [Dr. Morrison’s] professional manner and understandable technical explanations led me to believe that you were, and are, much more than “just a dentist.” As I began to rely on you for my dental care, I had more opportunities to become familiar with your talents and skills, which are embodied in your gentle hands. Choosing you as my primary dentist has been one of my smarter decisions.

Over these many years, we have been through several unusual and challenging oral situations when your unswerving regard for best possible solutions has been invaluable and reassuring. I have complete confidence in your care and advice.

I have benefited as your practice incorporated state-of-the-art services into routine care. I will continue my relationship with you and the Center as long as possible. I expect to have healthy teeth and gums for a very long time.

Denise H.

Dear Doctor Morrison: We want to congratulate you for your first class center with avant-garde technology where everyone feels welcomed. Since the first time we came, we could tell that for you being a dentist is more than a profession. More importantly, you and all your staff make us feel like first class patients. We always feel very important and not just another number.

We see there is a special interest from you to make sure we receive the best treatment available with the best results. You always make sure we and you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Every time you do any work for us and the children you take the time to explain exactly what you will be doing. We also appreciate the fact that you take the time to call us at home to make sure everything is ok.

We know that if we have an emergency you will be there and we will be able to talk to you personally.

Emanuele & Patricia

I was so thrilled this morning when I awoke with no pain in my mouth for the first time in over a year, and a very relaxed jaw, that I had to send you a quick note to say thank you so much! It was truly a pleasure visiting your state-of-the-art facility yesterday and meeting the rest of the staff. Everyone was so pleasant and professional; it was a great experience.

Honestly, the relief of knowing that the problem was being addressed by someone competent and caring was almost as important to me as the pain itself being alleviated. I look forward to our continued partnership in the care of my mouth with complete peace of mind!

Fran T.

Thank you for many years of excellent dentistry. Your new office (it seems new even today) is gorgeous. I feel like I am checking into a luxury hotel. The service from all of the staff is equal to the environment. I’ve had four porcelain restorations in 9 years and, like all the other work I’ve received from you and your staff, they are beautiful and have stood the test of time. No one knows they are porcelain and they are my four most visible teeth.

Your work is so good that you have become my wife and kids dentist. The fact that you can “do it all” at your location also eliminates a lot of inconvenience.

Thank you for so many years of excellent service.

Gene F.

My wife and I began our search for a dentist in the DC area by researching the usual sources – primary dentists in our insurance plan, those in close proximity to our home, and then scouring the internet for information on all dentists in the Maryland-DC-Virginia area. The website for the Center for Dental Health stood out. Dr. Eric Morrison’s qualifications certainly looked impressive with an excellent education, graduating with honors, with a continuing commitment to education. We would continue to be impressed.

The information package we received was comprehensive, detailed and informative. From the moment we walked in the door of the Center, we were impressed. My wife, Angela, a nervous dental patient, breathed easier when she saw the attention to every detail in the décor. Surely if a dentist cared this much about the ambience and his patient’s comfort, that would carry over into his practice. And it does.

Past the beauty of the private suites and waiting rooms is a state of the art and science facility supported by a patient oriented team of professionals. That’s what impressed us. The technology that Dr. Morrison employs is truly cutting edge – digital x-rays which produce instant pictures, immediate full mouth imaging, and a tiny video camera which produces before, during and after photos. This enables the patient to be a fully committed participant in their care and decisions. Each tooth is displayed on a television monitor: 3D, in color, in motion – no more squinting at a one inch square x-ray trying to see what the dentist is talking about. The custom tailored treatment plan that Dr. Morrison prepares and presents also sets him apart from other dentists. It makes the patient a partner in their care and determination of dental goals and priorities.

As far as my nervous wife, Dr. Morrison won her over with compassion, communication, patience and the highest quality dental care. He worked hand-in-glove with her physician to ensure that her dental and medical care was completely coordinated.

Over the past 30+ years, Angela and I lived in many countries on three continents and had nearly 50 dentists ranging – mostly – from very good to excellent. We have never had a better dentist than Dr. Morrison or better experiences than we have at the Center for Dental Health in Washington, D.C.

Glenn W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Morrison since 1991. Many of my friends and coworkers are surprised that I travel a long distance to Washington, D.C. to see a dentist. For me, it is not surprising. Dr. Morrison is one of the most competent and personable health care professionals I have ever met. I think this is significant because most of my immediate family is in the health care profession! Dr. Morrison always takes the time to explain all the procedures and the different options and his bedside manner is exemplary. I highly recommend Dr. Morrison and I will continue to look forward to my visits to the dentist!

Gus A.

I brought my children to the Center for Dental Health after a very bad experience with a pediatric dentist in which pain control was a real issue. Dr. Morrison and his team, through patience and a caring manner, coaxed my boys into the dentist chair again and helped them overcome their fears. Now they have a new attitude toward oral hygiene. Tooth brushing is no longer a challenge. Following a recent filling, my six-year-old announced that “my tooth was filled without a shot.” Amazingly, he actually did receive an anesthetic, but it was handled so well that he didn’t even realize it. He was busy watching Cartoon Network on a screen on the ceiling!

Dr. Morrison always uses his “dental cam” to show me vividly on a computer screen what the problem is – and what my options are. Then I ask, “What would you do if it were your child?” And that’s generally the choice I make.

Janet R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Eric Morrison’s for the past 17 years. I was first introduced to Dr. Morrison shortly after he completed dental school and was working with his father, Dr. Paul Morrison. I immediately took a liking to Eric due to his pleasant and friendly approach to his patients and his gentle touch when working on my teeth. With Eric working on me for everything from cleaning to restorations, his first concern has always been my comfort. After a few visits I was certain that I did not want to see any other dentist but Dr. Eric Morrison.

When Eric started the Center for Dental Health there was never a question as to whether I would follow him. I found the Center to be very convenient with the office being very spacious and comfortable. The examination rooms are great with several TV sets with numerous selections to watch, which keep your mind off of the dental procedures.

Dr. Morrison is a perfectionist and I have terrific peace of mind knowing that when I have work done it will be correct and problem free. Another thing I like about Eric is that he explains everything. When he does find a problem he clearly explains what is going on and lays out the treatment options with the pros and cons for each one. I feel that in this practice I have a real input in the treatment plans. Eric also makes you feel relaxed and he never is in a hurry to rush you out the door. This type of service is hard to find in today’s world. Bottom line, as long as Dr. Eric Morrison stays in the Washington metro area, I will be one of his patients.

Joan O.

A few years ago, I moved to the Washington D.C. area to attend graduate school at the Catholic University of America. After moving, I neglected to visit a dentist for a number of years both because I was initially unfamiliar with the area and did not particularly enjoy going to a dentist and because my teeth had not given me too much trouble in the past. But about a year and a half ago, I began to notice that my teeth were deteriorating rapidly. Around this same time, my wife had begun to have treatment on her teeth at the Center for Dental Health. From what I saw in the course of my wife’s treatment, I became very impressed with the Center as a facility and particularly with the skill of Dr. Morrison and his staff and so, when I realized that I needed to have treatment on my own mouth, the decision to get that treatment from the Center for Dental Health was an easy one for me to make.

The Center for Dental Health is clearly a state of the art facility, making use of modern equipment and the latest technology. The atmosphere is very nice and completely unlike a traditional dentist’s office. The staff is very friendly and takes very good care of the patients. The comfort of the patients, both in the waiting room and in the dentist’s chair itself, is of great importance to them. It is a comfortable and relaxing place to receive treatment.

But what is more important to me than these considerations, what is most important to me, is the quality of the care that Dr. Morrison has provided to my wife, and subsequently to me. I have now had numerous teeth treated in my own mouth and I can honestly say that Dr. Morrison is one of the best and most conscientious doctors, of any kind, that I have ever visited. He does top quality work and he takes great pride in that work. He is not satisfied with doing anything less than the best possible job in each and every case. I have been repeatedly struck and pleased by the amount of care he takes in the course of treating a tooth to get each step of that treatment exactly right. I have also been very pleased with his willingness to listen to my concerns, while at the same time telling me what, in his judgment, were the best options for treatment. I am completely confident that I am getting the best possible care for each of my teeth and for my mouth as a whole.

With regard to my particular situation, the goal of the Center to develop a plan of treatment for the individual teeth that would be best for the long term health of the mouth as a whole was an important one to me, especially given the general amount of decay in my mouth. In my case, I decided that most of the areas of decay would be replaced by gold work, since my primary concern was the long term health and durability of my teeth, with cosmetic appearance being a secondary consideration. Now that I am partway through this treatment, I can say that I am very pleased with Dr. Morrison’s recommendation and my decision to use gold and, even though cosmetic appearance was not my primary concern, Dr. Morrison has done a remarkable job hiding the gold in my mouth so that it is not obvious when I smile.

John B.

Rarely, do I give superlatives to doctors, dentists, and/or health care professionals. But in the case of Dr. Eric Morrison and The Center for Dental Health, superlatives are the norm, not the exception. The environment is the most comfortable and pleasing dental setting I have ever visited. The staff is highly professional and extremely friendly. The Center’s facilities and the technologies employed during my cleanings and dental procedures are world-class. In a word, my visits to The Center for Dental Health and Dr. Morrison are priceless. The care of my teeth could not be in better hands.

John I.

We found the Center for Dental Health while researching for a new dentist after moving to the area. I was immediately impressed with the impeccably clean facility as well as the state of the art equipment. Through prognosis and treatment, I came to know Dr. Morrison as an extremely knowledgeable and skilled dentist. His thorough knowledge is matched by his commitment to staying current with new techniques, materials and equipment. Dr. Morrison and his wonderful assistants provide great comfort to a nervous patient like myself. They are always reassuring and comforting during procedures. The Center for Dental Health is an excellent facility, with caring professionals dedicated to the best treatment and providing exemplary dental services.

Michael G.

Dr. Morrison’s prompt and courteous service is what initially brought me to the Center for Dental Health. I had broken a tooth late one evening during a holiday weekend and was unable to contact my current dentist. We knew the Morrison family through our parish and homeschooling group and I called Dr. Morrison for advice. Despite the late hour and holiday weekend, I was impressed that he would take the time to speak to someone who wasn’t even a patient. Dr. Morrison walked me through my symptoms and what might be going on with that tooth by phone and then set up an appointment to evaluate my tooth. In that first appointment I was very impressed with Dr. Morrison’s dental knowledge and consideration for me as a patient and a person. I was also impressed with the kindness and hospitality of his staff.

In every appointment I have had with Dr. Morrison he is very careful to explain what is going on with each tooth. He respects my intelligence as a patient and educates me with regard to the health of my teeth. He identifies areas of concern through my mouth, explains why, and suggests a treatment plan. He is honest about what he, as a dentist, knows and does not know before actually drilling into a tooth. He explains all of my options for dental care and then provides me with the pros and cons. I respect this because he gives me options and recommendations, enabling me to make the best decision for dental treatment. I trust and respect Dr. Morrison’s guidance and direction. Dr. Morrison’s knowledge and care as a dentist has bonded me to the Center for Dental Health. He treats his patients as if they were family, providing them with the best possible service. He is incredibly conscientious with each tooth; he will not stop working until the procedure is done correctly to the highest standards. He views each and every tooth in the patient’s mouth as a long-term investment for that patient, to be cared for in the best possible way. In addition to Dr. Morrison’s incredible dental care, his staff is pleasant, kind and thoughtful, making each dental experience an enjoyable experience.

Michaela B.

We are very pleased with Dr. Eric Morrison and the Center for Dental Health. Every part of our experience has been outstanding. The Center for Dental Health is a state of the art facility. Dr. Morrison and his staff are outstanding listeners and provide you with a full range of options on every proposed procedure. Dr. Morrison is personally involved in every aspect of the work done. He is very generous with his time and is deeply committed to excellence. We highly recommend Dr. Morrison and the Center for Dental Health.

Phil and Lucy W.

I like to eat. This priority requires healthy teeth. Several years ago, I had gum surgery. When it was over, after a number of weeks and a series of visits, I asked the attending doctor if she could recommend the best dentist she knew. I was thinking about my eating thing again. She recommended her husband, alias Dr. Eric Morrison.

I have had Dr. Eric help me care for my teeth ever since. In part, this enabled his wife to retire and raise a beautiful family. You see, my teeth needed lots of work. That’s another story.

Back to food: once you try steak, cheeseburgers are a lesser choice. I could not go back to an ordinary cheeseburger dentist. Dr. Steak, I should say Eric, is my one and only choice. I even travel all the way from Northern Virginia in miserable DC traffic for his care. When I visit the Center every six months, I visit a high tech but comfortable environment and I leave confident that my teeth are healthy and ready for work. Yup, it’s the eating thing again.

Rick B.

I commend you and your team for the superior dental care I’ve enjoyed this past year. My initial visit to the Center left me impressed by the first class environment. I especially enjoyed watching CNBC while relaxing in the comfort of your chair. I’m also impressed with the gentle care you took to keep me comfortable while you worked on my teeth. Further, you took time to explain the state of my dental health so I could understand it. You took time to explain treatment options so I could understand their benefits. You took time to answer questions so I could make informed decisions. Then, you [Dr. Morrison] provided world class care to the point of perfection. The perfection is what I appreciate the most. It leaves me feeling healthy and confident.

Thank you for your unparalleled service and care. I enthusiastically recommend you and your team to my friends and family.

Rob S.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued commitment to excellence within your field of dentistry and for the specialized care you provide for me each time I visit your office.

I have, in the past, experienced severe dental anxiety and often needed the assistance of nitrous gas to become comfortable for my dental procedures. Not once have I experienced this type of anxiety while visiting with you and your wonderful dental team. I attribute this sense of peace to your expertise and willingness to do all that is within your power to make me feel comfortable.

I appreciate that you always take the time to explain procedures to me and answer my questions, as well as the fact that I have never felt like a number or that you are rushed to move on to the next appointment. Your dedication to your patients was quite evident when you offered to accompany me on a visit to meet with a specialist.

Your luxurious high-tech office, specialized patient care and the quality of dentistry you provide truly sets you apart from all other dental professionals, creating a new standard within the dental community. I feel privileged to be among those who can call you their personal dentist.

Sarah R.

Many years ago, I was having routine teeth cleaning in Annapolis, Maryland and my gums were extremely sensitive. Dr. Eric Morrison, who was substituting for another dentist, was very kind and used anesthesia so that I would be comfortable during the cleaning process. More importantly, however, was that he discovered a problem with my gums previously unrecognized by other dentists, and was instrumental in seeing that I had much needed surgery to remedy the condition. Now, with regular trips to Dr. Morrison (an hour each way, well spent), I am able to maintain good dental health and keep my teeth.

Over the years Dr. Morrison has impressed me with his considerable training and skills in dentistry, as well as his wonderful attitude and “bedside” manner. If you have a problem, you can always reach him. He will promptly take care of your dental concerns as he did recently for my wife. Dr. Morrison’s staff is considerate, great to work with, and will handle any insurance forms that need to be filed.

I have seen Dr. Morrison work with my wife and me for many years, and he is not only a gifted dentist, but a man of rare moral character. It has been my privilege to be under his care.

Thomas H.

After chipping my tooth while away at college, I was required to see a dentist right away. During my first appointment, I realized immediately that Dr. Morrison is a truly unique dentist. Dr. Morrison is by far the most thorough dentist I have ever seen, and his perfectionism and care for my dental well-being are the reasons why I have decided to switch my dental care to him. Dr Morrison will not end an appointment until he knows that he has perfected his job on your teeth and his thoroughness is greatly appreciated. He is a truly dedicated dentist who has shown me that my dental health is his number one priority. He goes above and beyond any dental experience I have ever had. Not only is he a well educated and excellent dentist, but he is also a great person. He actually takes the time to get to know you instead of just seeing you as a patient. He always acts in your best interest. I can’t imagine having anyone else care for my teeth, Dr. Morrison is essential for helping you maintain the best dental health possible.

Adam B.

I know Dr. Morrison in the context of being the mom of one of his patients. My son Adam attends school in Washington DC, 3000 miles away from home, and he needed to see a dentist. I chose Dr. Morrison because he contracts with Met Life. Immediately after seeing my son, I received a call from Dr. Morrison. He informed me that Adam had given him permission to talk to me about his dental care. Dr. Morrison spent a long time on the phone with me going over in detail all about Adam’s dental health. He had performed a thorough examination and wanted to let me know what he discussed with Adam in terms of issues he found and suggestions for treatment. He not only treated Adam’s immediate issues, but took the time to work with him to ensure that his future dental health would be the best it could be. I knew right away that Dr. Morrison was someone special; his dedication to dentistry and his patient’s well being was immediately evident. He treats Adam as if he were treating a member of his own family. He takes a genuine interest in Adam not only as his patient, but as a friend. Adam speaks so highly of Dr. Morrison and of the care he receives from him. Adam is considering a transfer to a school back home in CA and is struggling with his decision. He made a pro-con list and Dr. Morrison is on his pro list for one of the reasons why he should stay in DC. I am so impressed with Dr. Morrison in terms of his professionalism, talent and genuine caring for his patients. As a mom so far away from her son, I am very relieved to know that Dr. Morrison is looking out for Adam. Dr. Morrison cares deeply about his reputation and his practice is a reflection of his passion and dedication to his patients.

Suzanne B.

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